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Family Hardship Assitance

Community Financial Assistance

Practical financial assistance for those in the Somali Bantu community who are encountering difficult seasons of life, particularly to help them with paying for rent, childcare, and transportation, as they are in transition between jobs.


Many of the families in the Somali Bantu community face changes in jobs or even when they have a steady job struggle to make ends meet while managing family obligations, caring for relatives, and facing health crises among other challenges.


Our Family Hardship Assistance fund helps to support these families until they are able to get back to a stable financial situation. Part of this support also includes helping families towards becoming self-supporting and sustainable because we desire for families not stay dependent on this financial assistance, but to move towards finding ways to support themselves and find ways to reach that within their own strengths and skill sets.

Image by Alexander Schimmeck


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