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After School Program

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After School Program

A place for school-age children to go after school and receive homework help as well as a space for them to hang out and play games and do crafts with other children and have healthy role models to influence their lives.

Our Mission:
To create a safe space for the Somali Bantu children as they cultivate their academic growth through tutoring and educational activities. Providing additional resources for children to thrive in creativity and create lasting memories as they interact with each other through The Lighthouse recreational room. 

Our Vision:
Empower students to pursue academic excellence and build lasting relationships within their community


Our Core Values:

  • RESPECT: We will treat everyone with honor and dignity.

  • RESPONSIBILITY: We will be trustworthy, reliable and accountable.

  • INTEGRITY: We will live as proof of moral principles.

  • COMMITMENT: We will show dedication to our students and their schools.

  • COMPASSION: We will show compassion to ourselves, each other, and our environment.  


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